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Tim's Plan

Transparency and Accountability in Government:

Government works best when the public is involved and able to hold it accountable. As it stands, the Mat-Su Borough government has handed over its authority to unelected bureaucrats and is only meeting the bare minimum required under the Alaska Open Meetings Act. On the Assembly, I will work to reclaim this authority and give it back to the people where it belongs, while also raising the legal mandate for transparency and accessibility in our local government and meetings. I will also push for an online “checkbook,” so that the public can see what their money is being spent on to guarantee that the borough allocates funds in the most fiscally responsible manner. I believe the people should have a voice in the Borough budgeting process and I will work to implement a Citizen's Advisory Committee on the Budget. This committee would be made up of members of our community to study and analyze the budget year round, bringing in experts, taking public hearings and finding out where we are wasting our hard earned dollars and where we are spending efficiently. 

Public Safety

Every Alaskan has the right to be safe in their homes and community. Ensuring public safety will always be my top priority. The Mat-Su Borough has been charged with proposing a plan for a borough-wide police force. I will work to make sure any local police programs reflect the needs of our community, results in quicker response times, stronger public safety, and are fiscally responsible. I want the voters to have a say in local public safety by providing input, oversight, and ensuring that the police chief would be chosen by the people of the Mat-Su as an elected official.


The Alaska Constitution mandates that we provide high quality education. On the Assembly, I will fight to make sure we have strong local schools that are competitive, accessible and accountable to members of our community. I will work to support our schools and provide parents the ability to be involved and have a say in the direction of the education of their children, while providing various education and career options for our students. I will fight so that every dollar is spent to the maximum benefit of our community and every child has access to a high-quality education.

Industry and Innovation

The Matsu is the fastest growing economy in the state for a reason. We have the most skilled, hard working, and innovative workers in Alaska. I will work to guarantee that the Matsu does everything it can to promote economic opportunity and prosperity for our workers, families, and business owners. We have the opportunity to bring new industry, investment and jobs to our community. On the Assembly, I will listen and look for new ideas and innovations to support our local economy. One such area is the commercialization of local agriculture and natural resources, such as our boreal forests and rich farmlands, into industrial fiber that can be manufactured into almost anything.

Roads and Trails

Twenty years of building roads and oilfields has taught me the importance of quality infrastructure. I will work to ensure that the roads in our Valley are adequate for the traffic loads, and in good repair. The Matsu has numerous great spaces to hike, ski, four-wheel, snowmachine, camp, and other outdoor activities. I love to hunt, explore in my Argo, and ride our snow covered mountains. I will work to ensure locals have access to enjoy outdoor activities.